Rosie Wright dba Student Financial View uses proven financial counseling strategies designed to hold you accountable to your goals. We help college students navigate through their financial goals at a lower cost with reliable service. Student Financial View Tailors the Solutions to The Client.

We have worked with over 2,000 people providing practical training in all aspects of personal financial issues such as budget planning, credit management, debt reduction, retirement, loans, and grants. Teaching students to make informed decisions and become aware of regulations and laws they may protect their personal finances. We provide service in three ways, any combination of face-to-face, briefing and providing resources at the request of our client.

Core Competencies

  • One on one financial counseling
  • Achieving excellent credit before graduation course
  • Behavior finance
  • Budgeting (individual and business focus)
  • Credit (individual and business focus)
  • Cultural Humility


  • Client Relationship Management
  • Performance-Based Processes
  • Client Tailored Solutions
  • First of its kind, One-on-one Financial Counseling
  • We are Passionate About Helping